Counseling Services

M.Ed., NCC
7th and 8th grade School Counselor and 504 Case Manager

Ext. 1215 [email protected]

5th and 6th grade School Counselor
[email protected]

Vision Statement

The vision of the Indian River School Counseling Program is for students to become lifelong learners by using critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students are challenged to achieve their academic and behavioral potentials. All students will build a healthy self-image by demonstrating self-control and confidence. The Comprehensive School Counseling program addresses the current developmental needs of social and emotional learning for every student to empower him or her to live a productive life.

Mission Statement

The Indian River School Counseling Department, in partnership with our families and community, empowers every student to become a responsible citizen and lifelong learner. A focus on social and emotional skills will inspire students to reach for their goals. Every student has access to different levels of services, based on their needs. School counselors use ethical practice to help create a school climate that is nurturing, challenging, and safe. Indian River School counselors regularly collaborate with students, parents, teachers, and community members, to improve the program and give students access to needed resources.